Shipping common freight made easy

Taylor Made Logistics - Whitby, Ontario
Common Freight

Truckload and LTL

Whether you need complete freight management a dedicated fleet or just one truckload or a few pallets, Taylor Made Logistics will customize a full truckload or less than truckload solution that’s perfect for your freight requirements.

Dry goods and other dry van products

Taylor Made Logistics specializes in common dry goods freight such as general freight, whole goods, parts, retail goods, manufactured products, displays, books, toys, installations and more. This is cargo we classify as products that do not require special equipment to ship. Whether full truckload (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL), transportation of common freight requires a standard trailer or straight truck setup.

Taylor Made Logistics knows retail transportation

Our extensive experience in the retail transportation services has made Taylor Made Logistics one of the leading logistics partners for many national retailers. From installations, retail appointments and just in time service to dedicated distribution, reverse logistics and returns, Taylor Made Logistics knows retail.

Cross-border service delivers all of mainland North America

Taylor Made will deliver your common freight on a national scale across Canada, and transborder across the U.S.A. and to Mexico. Our extensive carrier network has been strategically developed to ensure we always deliver efficient service anywhere your freight needs to be shipped.

Taylor Made Logistics specializes in moving freight of all shapes and sizes

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